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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Reisbeck Medical centre in Marbella offers the best in private internal and family medicine doctors. But what's the difference and which one is right for you and your family?

Internal Medicine Doctors Vs. Family Medicine Doctors

Although there are exceptions to the rule, internal medicine doctors, who also go by the name internists, generally diagnose and treat only adults. All internal medicine doctors are trained in overall health in all areas of the body to offer you advice, help, and appropriate referrals to specialists regardless of your age (as long as you're 18 years old or over) or medical condition, as needed, although an increasing number of internists are also specialists themselves who have gone through additional training in a particular area of medicine.

Alternatively, as you've probably guessed, family medicine doctors have the required training to care for patients no matter their age, from infant to elderly care. Training to be a family medicine doctor is generally more broad in scope and more intensely dedicated towards general wellness through the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions in all areas of medicine including paediatrics, gynaecology, internal medicine, emergency medical care, surgery, psychiatry, radiology, ophthalmology, urology, and more.

Choosing Between an Internist and Family Medicine Doctor

Both internists and family doctors are classified as primary care doctors and both can offer quality, efficient diagnoses and treatment options for any specific condition as well as for your overall health and wellness. Choosing between them then, is more a personal preference than a necessity. Family medicine doctors tend to be preferred for patients with children or families as they can develop a strong doctor-patient relationship with the family unit as a whole, rather than with individual members; they also tend to treat patients their entire lives and usually have some training and experience in offering prenatal advice and services for women too, which can be beneficial as well as comforting for many families. Internal medicine doctors tend to be the best option for adults with specific or complex medical issues, as an internalist with a speciality in that field will likely have a more in-depth understanding of their patient's specific circumstances and medical needs. Keep in mind though, that just because you're over 18 years old or don't have children in your household does not mean that you are obliged to choose an internist as your doctor. One of the biggest benefits of having a private doctor is that you get complete control over who you choose to be seen by, so be it a internist or family medicine doctor, feel free to choose your doctor based on whatever factors are best or more important to you.

Internal and Family Medical Doctors at Reisbeck Medical Centre

As a patient-centric, private medical centre in Marbella, Reisbeck Medical proudly provides it’s patients with the best of both worlds: Dr. Manuela Reisbeck specializes in both internal medicine and family medicine and Dr. Bernd Reisbeck is a consultant specialist in internal medicine and cardiologist. Together, with their multiple specializations and sub-specializations, world-class training, and international experience at some of the best hospitals in the world, the Reisbeck Medical doctors are well-equipped to diagnose complex and cross-systemic medical illnesses, provide in-depth analysis of medical side effects and interactions of treatments and medications, and prevent, diagnose, treat, and care for a range of emergency, intensive care, and, acute, and chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, vascular issues, hypertension, weight issues, heart disease, and lung disease, food intolerances, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, digestive disorders, asthma, sexual health, hypertension, mental disorders, liver and kidney disease, thyroid abnormalities, high cholesterol, musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory problems, and more.

Children and adults alike are drawn to Reisbeck Medical's team of internalists and family doctors because they take a whole-body, holistic approach to medicine that takes into consideration every patient's lifestyle and overall medical history plus any current medical symptoms they are experiencing in order to diagnose and treat any illness, accident, or condition. With their extensive and impressive internal and family medicine specializations the goal -and success, of Dr. Manuela and Dr. Bernd Reisbeck is to always provide their patients with optimal physical as well as mental health at any age and any stage of their life.

Learn more about our doctors, the conditions we treat, and our approach to medicine on our website or get in touch to schedule an appointment with any of our internal or family medicine doctors.

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