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lnternal Medicine Consultations

Your health is our priority.

Internal Medicine is the specialty, which combines the knowledge from all different organ systems. Our body is a complex structure in which all organs co-operate and affect each other. Diseases affecting one system may well cause problems somewhere completely different. Medications cause side effects in different organs as well; their interactions can cause damage in different areas of the body.


Here at Reisbeck Medical our internal medicine physicians (internists or general internists) are expertly trained in the diagnosis of puzzling medical problems and the ongoing caring of patients suffering from chronic illness or disease.


Our internists routinely see patients with conditions such as diabetes, weight issues such as obesity, chronic lung disease, vascular issues, heart disease and hypertension amongst many others.


Our internal medicine services include:

  • Laboratory analysis

  • Ultrasound examinations of the abdomen, thyroid gland and vessels

  • Pulmonary function tests

  • Evaluation of vaccination status, not only for travelers!

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