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The Team

After many years of clinical experience we are dedicated to professional excellence.

In our private medical clinic in Marbella we combine our specialist expertise with the latest technology and medical know-how to ensure our patients receive the best medical care possible.


Dr. Bernd Reisbeck and Dr. Manuela Reisbeck are internationally certified consultant specialists in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine. They are both Medical Board Certified in the US, Germany and Spain. Dr. Bernd Reisbeck is also certified in the UK (SMG certification/Gibraltar certification).


Dr. Manuela Reisbeck

MD, PhD, Internist / Intensivist / Vascular Diagnostics

General Practitioner (GP) and Consultant specialist in internal medicine and intensive care medicine.

Dr. Manuela Reisbeck is an internationally certified consultant specialist in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine. She is Medical Board Certified in the US, Germany, Spain and the UK (GMC certification) and speaks English, German, Spanish and Romanian.

After her medical doctor degree at the Charite Medical School in Berlin, Germany, Dr. Manuela Reisbeck underwent her entire medical training in New York City at the New York University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital and the St. Vincent's Medical Center, where she became a consultant specialist in Internal medicine and Intensive Care Medicine. She is US-board certified since 2002.

Following the events of 9/11 she returned to Berlin in 2004 where she received her German/European specialist certifications and started scientific research work at the Max Dellbrück Molecular Biology Center/Charité Berlin, leading to her PhD in 2007.


In 2008 she returned to Marbella with her husband Dr. Bernd Resibeck and set up their private medical practice Reisbeck Medical, which is now well reputed for its family medicine, internal medicine and cardiology services and has admitting rights to several hospitals, including the HC-International Hospital.

Dr. Manuela Reisbeck is co-founder of CardioCare Marbella and is responsible for vascular outpatient consultations and non-invasive investigations. She is also in charge of preventive check-up programs and caring for patients admitted to the hospital.

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Dr. Bernd Reisbeck

MD, PhD, Internist / Intensivist / Cardiologist / Interventional Cardiologist.

Dr. Bernd Reisbeck is an Internationally certified consultant cardiologist and consultant specialist in internal medicine, family medicine and intensive care medicine. He speaks German, English and Spanish.

Born in 1964 in Wiesbaden Germany, Dr. Reisbeck went to medical school training in Mainz and Heidelberg. He underwent his medical specialty training in New York City at prestigious institutions like the New York University, Memorial Sloane Kettering and the New York Medical College.  Following his American board certification he continued as head of Critical Care department at Brookdale Hospital/Sunny Brooke University Brooklyn. He is US Board certified since 2002. 

After the 9/11 events, in which he acted as a first medical responder, he returned to Germany, Berlin, where he received his German and European specialist certifications in interventional cardiology, conservative cardiology, internal medicine and intensive care medicine.

Between the years of 2004 and 2007 he was part of the interventional cardiology team at UKB, a large metropolitan level one trauma and cardiology care medical center in Berlin.

In 2008, he returned to Marbella and opened up a private consultation practice with his wife Dr. Manuela Reisbeck.

Dr. Bernd Reisbeck is a member of the German Cardiology Society and the European Cardiology Society. He is also co-founder and medical director at CardioCare Marbella, a leading German and International heart and vascular centre based at the HC Marbella hospital.


María Jesús Domínguez Sánchez

Administrative Assistant

María is Spanish and has several years of experience as medical practice administrative assistant in Germany. She speaks fluent Spanish, German, English and Portuguese.

María is responsible for managing and scheduling appointments, arranging for further tests outside of our medical clinic, billing and corresponding with insurance companies.  If you have any administrative questions, please feel free to contact María.

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