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About Us

Reisbeck Medical is a private medical practice founded in 2008 by Dr. Manuela Reisbeck and Dr. Bernd Reisbeck.

We provide GP-services in terms of family medicine, as well as more sophisticated internal medicine, specialist medical care and diagnostics, to highly specialized cardiology and vascular medicine.


Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach means we can provide patient-centric health and medical care for all of our patients, even in the hospital when they most need it. There are no gaps in your medical care, no question marks and no unanswered questions to a report from a different specialist.


We perform all non-invasive diagnostic tests on site, from a simple ECG to sophisticated pharmacologic stress-echocardiography, ultrasound investigations of all organ systems and vascular diagnostics. Furthermore, a large number of treatments are available directly at our private medical practice in Marbella, enabling us to achieve our ultimate goal when it comes to patient satisfaction: When you come to us with a problem, you will leave with the solution.


Our close collaboration with CardioCare Marbella, the German International Heart and Vascular Centre located at the HC International Hospital, allows us to continue our patient care and health co-ordination further when hospitalization may be necessary. The same applies for all cardio-vascular interventional procedures.


We understand that your health is the most valuable asset in your life,

At Reisbeck Medical we combine our expertise in different medical fields to offer a holistic view of each and every patient, resulting in personalised treatments to keep you in good health, physically and mentally.

With Reisbeck Medical by your side, you can live and love life to the full. 

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