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Health is our most valuable asset.

At Reisbeck Medical we take your health check screening very seriously.


Cardiac Health Check-Up

Preventive medicine has gained importance since technological advances have made comprehensive medical tests easily available and easy to perform at low or no risk. Early diagnosis enables the best outcomes and the best prognosis for long-term cure.


The goal is: prevention – early detection – risk reduction – sustainable health status.


The most effective course of action is to evaluate a patient’s health status as detailed as possible, including family history and their behavioral bad habits. Blood tests, ECG’s and imaging techniques like ultrasound are performed to obtain sufficient information about your physical status and function. Metabolic risk factors will also be evaluated.


Prevention means being one step ahead.


What Are The Reasons For Needing This Test?

People understand that the key to a happy, active and successful life is a healthy body and mind. Stress and behavioral risk factors don’t only reduce our daily functional capacity, but they also put us at increased risk for early disease.


Changing risk factors before disease strikes means true preventive medicine. Early detection means bigger chances for improvement and healing.


Patients have different reasons why they decide to go for a comprehensive healthy heart check. However, if you are any of the following you should have your heart checked regularly.

  • Diabetic

  • An athlete or have decided to start advanced physical activity

  • Have a very stressful life

  • Have a strong family history of cardio-vascular disease

  • If you smoke, are overweight or take other recreational drugs


What To Expect:

The session will involve an initial consultation regarding your health history and any heart conditions suffered by closely-related family members, followed by several tests: ECG’s, ultrasound of the heart and your vessels.


For a more complete health check-up, you can add an abdominal ultrasound exam, a thyroid scan and a lung function test, adding more information about non-cardio-vascular organ system, and evaluating the risk of cancer risk and other medical conditions.


All laboratory checks will be performed at our partner laboratory BIOMAR Marbella, our trusted partner for many years.


Some patients may be interested in our more advanced check-up programmes. In this case we recommend checking out the CardioCare Marbella prevention health packages.

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