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  • The new EU Logo is on my health plan card from my country's public health care system (NHS, Seguridad Social, German AOK). Does it mean I am covered for a visit at your office as well?"
    Unfortunately we cannot undertake any agreements with any European public health care system. We must bill you directly for any medical services provided. You may want to check in your home country if such a private bill will be reimbursed by your system and if yes at what percentage.
  • Do you accept my Sanitas card?
    We don't have any special agreements with any Spanish insurance company. This means that you will receive a medical bill which you have to settle directly with us. At the same time you can file for reimbursement from your insurance company depending on your individual health plan. Please note that some Spanish insurance plans only reimburse 80% of your bill.
  • Are you in the Sanitas physicians booklet?
    Only the physicians carried in insurance company booklet can accept your insurance card and will not bill you directly. We are not in any insurance company booklet.
  • As an expatriate, what kind of health insurance should I choose?"
    If you intend to spend more than 6 weeks in Spain, we recommend you opt for a private insurance company which allows you to consult any doctor of your choice and which will reimburse all your medical bills, including hospitalization. There are international insurance companies like AXA PP and Allianz worldwide, British companies like BUPA or Spanish insurers like Sanitas, DKV, Mapfre, Adeslas, etc. There are large differences between these companies with regard to coverage and we recommend you compare the details keeping your individual needs in mind. Also note that Spanish companies will offer you different levels of insurance. You will only have a free choice of physicians if you opt for the reimbursement plan.

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