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Cosmetic Products – A Doctor´s Concern?

Chemical compounds like Parabens, to be found as a preservative and fragrance component in many skin care products, have been found to be a major estrogen hormonal disruptor, found in breast cancer tissue and have been linked to UV-light induced DNA damage.

Many sun screens which are meant to protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV-light, contain Oxybenzone, known to be harmful to coral reefs, but also to our own health: a major skin irritant and hormone disruptor. Taking into account how important sun protection is for adults and for children, we should be careful not to prevent harm by trying to protect!

One of my favourite ones however is the Sodium Laureate Sulphate, a detergent and foaming agent with a melodic name, found in many shower gels and shampoos. On top of being a known cancerogenic agent, it promotes hair loss - what an irony!

The above are just a few of many cosmetics ingredients we should be aware of, especially when suffering from chronic auto-immune disease or hormonal imbalance. Keeping your skin care as natural as possible and as simple as possible, is clearly the key.

There is sufficient information online about ingredients. One of the websites we find useful is

Many manufacturers have felt the pressure from the consumer side and have changed their formulas to incorporate more natural, sustainable and less harmful ingredients.

One company that caught our attention is Li Lé Blue. They are committed to natural ingredients which are highly effective and safe for both humans and the environment. One nice product which came my way was their hair protecting oil, a natural reef safe formula. The company is aiming their products primarily at watersports enthusiasts, divers, surfers and snorkelers, but isn't every beach lover also a sea enthusiast? I am sure, what works for the diver surely works for the rest of us. Your hair will thank you, so did mine during the summer!

Last but not least, by purchasing their products you are contributing to the preservation of marine life, as Li Lé Blue is committed to donating a substantial amount to the "Blue Ocean Stories Association" in support of many exciting projects.

In conclusion, skin care products are not to be underestimated when it comes to our skin and general health. We as consumers have the responsibility to educate ourselves and to help shape the cosmetic market by pressuring the industry through our own consumer behaviour.

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