"There are thousands of different    diseases but only one health."

Ludwig Boerne, 18th century German author    


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about us

After several years of training and consultant work in New York City at the New York University, Memorial Sloan Kettering and New York Medical College, 

Dr. Bernd Reisbeck and Dr. Manuela Reisbeck settled in Marbella with their own private practice specialized in Familly Medicine, Internal Medicine and Cardiology. 


The combination of our expertise in different medical fields allows us a wholistic view of the patient and enables most individual treatment approaches.



international cardio-vascular center of expertise 

conventional and interventional cardio-vascular procedures

opening April 2019





  • ​Family and Internal Medicine

  • ​Cardiology

  • Ultrasound diagnostics

  • ​Home visits

  • ​In-hospital care

  • ​Pacemaker placement and follow-up care

  • ​Cardiac angiograms and stent insertion

  • ​Nutrition Consulting

  • ​Orthomolecular Medicine

  • Laboratory Analysis

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cardiology & internal medicine marbella

Monday - Wednesday- Friday     9:30 am - 17:00 pm

Tuesday - Thursday                      9:30 am - 16:00 pm
Saturday and off hours                appointments only  
24/7 incl. Sundays & holidays     emergencies only

Tel:  +34-952 779 680
Mobile: +34-657 790 000
Fax:  +34-952 779 680 only during office hours
email: info@reisbeck-medical.com

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