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Why Men Avoid Doctors (and Why They Shouldn't)

Why Men Avoid Doctors (and Why They Shouldn't)

If you're a man in your 30's, it advised that you see your GP or family doctor for an annual check-up every-other year. Once you've hit 40, that check-up should be happening on an annual basis. Yet one out of every two men don't and studies have found that a good portion of even those that do get their recommended screenings still neglect to mention (or are outright dishonest!) to their doctor about their health.

The doctors at Reisbeck Medical completely understand. Discussing your health is a very private thing and for some issues, symptoms, or treatments, it can be difficult, embarrassing, or downright uncomfortable to have a conversation about it. Fear of a particular diagnosis, thinking your doctor will make you change your diet or lifestyle, even uncertainty of the procedures involved for screening, diagnosis, and treatment (should any be needed) are all major contributors as to why men avoid the doctor. But they shouldn't be. Regular health check-ups are the best way to ensure that you're staying in prime health before anything occurs. And even if you do have concerns about something, speaking with your doctor early is always a better option than waiting, both for your physical as well as mental health.

The Importance of Regular Medical Check-Ups

If you have any concerns about your health, the sooner you speak to your doctor, the better. Sometimes what seems like a major issue to you is really nothing to be concerned about and talking it over with a trained professional can give you (and your loved ones!) the peace of mind needed to treat any anxiety you've had about whatever you're facing. Some issues, like erectile dysfunction or difficulty urinating, are extremely common in men and easily treated too, so waiting out the symptoms or “just living with it” are completely unnecessary. Why change your lifestyle to fit your symptoms or live with anxiety or confusion over your health when you don't need to?

And even if you have no medical concerns right now, getting regular medical check-ups is just as important. Your car gets an annual MOT right? Then why shouldn't you? Prevention is always the best medicine, so staying on top of your health is the best option available, no matter your age, health or medical history. And if something should come up later on, catching any issues early means you have a much higher chance of resolving them with fewer symptoms, complications, or inconveniences.

The Best Doctors for Men

At Reisbeck private medical centre in Marbella, our expert doctors for men are internationally trained in all aspects of men's health and male medical conditions so you can speak with them about any concerns you're facing or questions you have. We aren't the cold, impersonal, clinical hospital that many men associate with a doctor's visit but instead strive to provide a friendly, personable and relaxed atmosphere so you feel comfortable to discuss anything and everything you're concerned about with our family doctors, GPs and urologists. When visiting Reisbeck medical centre, your health as well as your well-being is always focused on you, so you can always expect professional, non-judgemental diagnostics and treatment, and always as quickly, easily and minimally-invasive as possible. You will be listened to, your questions will be answered and you will have the final say in any treatment we recommend. We even speak English, German, Spanish and Russian so you don't have to worry about anything being lost in translation.

Let's make 2022 a year of great health with a New Year's resolution to get regular health checks. Get in touch with our friendly support staff and book your check-up appointment to start the New Year off in the best possible way.

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