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Reisbeck Medical – Expert Internist Doctors in Marbella

Your health matters and so does your doctor. Are you comfortable and confident in who you see when something's not quite right? When you choose Reisbeck Medical for your private healthcare needs, we'll make sure you are. Our internist doctors are not only internationally-trained, they also have decades of experience, top brand equipment and cutting edge technology at their fingertips and an incredible support staff to diagnose and treat any health problems you're facing. Just as importantly, our team deeply cares about not just your health but your overall well-being and we treat all of our patients on a personal, holistic level so you always get answers to the questions you have and never need to worry about any aspect of your health, treatment, or care no matter what you're facing.

Internal Medicine at Reisbeck Private Medical Centre in Marbella

There are lots of reasons why you might want to speak with a doctor and when you're a patient at Reisbeck private medical centre, we welcome you to come to us with any of them. While we also offer specialised care for a variety of specific medical issues, our family doctors and internal medicine physicians are well-qualified and well-equipped to diagnose, treat and care for any and all health matters, from minor inconveniences to major medical concerns and everything in between. Even when you're not quite sure what's wrong but know something's not quite right, our internists' decades of experience and world-class international training will always help you find the answers you're looking for and always with your specific medical history and personal circumstances in mind.

A Holistic Approach

Importantly, our internal medicine doctors here at Reisbeck always take a holistic approach to your health. For you, that means we never look to diagnose or treat any one symptom you are experiencing without first understanding all your symptoms no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, discussing your personal needs and lifestyle, and understanding your mental health, nutrition and other personal circumstances. We know that all of these factors are interconnected and can influence your health for the better or worse and believe that proper (and successful) treatment addresses them all.

Because of this, we welcome you to speak with the internal medicine specialists here at Reisbeck medical centre in Marbella for absolutely any health issues, questions, or concerns you may have. We will take the time to get to understand them, then use our vast array of knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat them with a whole body, holistic approach. As internists, we understand and appreciate that complex, chronic and puzzling medical issues and diseases like diabetes, weight issues, vascular concerns, heart disease, hypertension, thyroid disease, chronic allergies, sexual health, and other long-term health issues can affect multiple areas of the body or multiple systems within it in different ways, which is why we always take all of them into consideration during our diagnoses, treatments and on-going care.

Dr. Manuela Reisbeck

Our team of professional, renowned, expertly-trained and highly-experienced internal medicine physicians (internists) is led by Dr. Manuela Reisbeck, an internationally certified consultant specialist in internal medicine, family medicine and intensive care medicine. She has been practising and consulting in a range of medical positions around the world since 2002 and together with her husband Dr. Bernd Reisbeck, has been on the Costa del Sol in her own private medical practice, Reisbeck Medical, since 2008. She holds a medical doctor degree from the Charite Medical School in Berlin, completed her medical training at New York University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital and St. Vincent's Medical Center in New York, USA and has German/European specialist certifications from the Max Dellbrück Molecular Biology Center/Charité Berlin. She is Medical Board Certified in the USA, Germany, Spain and the UK and speaks English, German, Spanish and Romanian. Needless to say, with Dr. Manuela Reisbeck and her team of internists at Reisbeck Medical Centre in charge of your care, you are most definitely in great hands!

No matter what you're experiencing now, any health issues you've had in the past, or questions you have for the future, choosing Reisbeck Medical Centre and their team of expert internal medicine physicians in Marbella is the perfect first step in prioritising your long-term health, well-being and happiness. Give our friendly administrative staff a call to book an appointment or request a call back using our online form and let us help you get the quality, personal, successful medical care you deserve.

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