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Don't Put Your Heart at Risk This Year

Despite all our optimism, 2021 was still a tough year for us all. Covid-19 continued to dominate health concerns and put us -willingly or unwillingly, in a state of semi-isolation, including, in many cases, from our doctors. But as we enter 2022, let's make that a thing of the past. We may still be living with Covid, but that shouldn't mean the rest of our health, including our cardiovascular health, should suffer. And the best way to combat that is with a general check-up with your GP.

You don't need to wait until you have medical concerns to schedule a check-up with your doctor or GP. In fact, because we firmly believe that prevention is the best medication, we encourage you not to! An annual check-up is merely a way to stay connected with your doctor so they can help you stay on top of your cardiovascular health. As simple as that.

At Reisbeck Medical in Marbella, we offer annual cardiac health check-ups that are completely customised to you, meaning we will always take your overall physical and mental health into consideration and will offer you any tests you need to keep you safe or ease your mind, but we will also never order tests for the sake of ordering tests. All of our diagnostic tests are non-invasive too, meaning you never have to worry about unnecessary pain or discomfort just to get answers to your medical questions. And with the majority of any follow-up treatment or care you need being performed directly at our private medical centre in Marbella, you are guaranteed a close, personal relationship with your doctor which, whether you need simple peace of mind, complex on-going treatment, or anything in between, translates to a higher quality of care.

What to Expect at an Annual Cardiac Health Check-Up

You can expect to spend around 30 minutes with your doctor to discuss your medical history, any physical or mental health concerns you have now (even if they're just minor), and your stress and energy levels. Your doctor will also ask you about any heart-related medical concerns that you or close members of your family have or have suffered from in the past, including heart disease, strokes, diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, and you should be prepared to discuss your general lifestyle (including smoking and drinking habits), exercise levels, and diet.

At your heart health screening, your doctor will also check your general cardiovascular health through tests or exams depending on your specific concerns, your age or gender, your previous medical history, and your family medical history. Depending on your needs or concerns, a number of tests may be performed including:

  • An ECG to check your heart rhythm,

  • Echocardiogram to see how well your heart is functioning,

  • Bicycle stress test to evaluate your heart during exercise,

  • Carotid artery eco-doppler test to measure the flow of blood between the two major arteries in your neck that deliver blood (and oxygen) to the brain,

  • Thyroid gland ultrasound test to see your thyroid and potentially diagnose a number of cardiovascular issues, and a

  • Lung function test to check how well your lungs are working.

For those who require it, we can also recommend more advanced cardiovascular health checks available through CardioCare Marbella.

At Reisbeck Private Medical Centre in Marbella, we take your heart health seriously and you should too. Schedule your annual cardiovascular health check today online or by giving our team a call at +34 952 779 680.

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