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PyCmd is a graphical command-line terminal written for Windows from scratch. It provides the user with a GUI terminal equivalent to Linux' shell. As PyCmd resembles both Linux' bash shell and a Windows console, it can be run on its own with no other programs.In addition, PyCmd is also a strong program. It keeps track of recent history and files for later retrieval. This makes it a potentially useful command-line tool. The program features a comprehensive tutorial that allows the user to learn how to use it effectively.The program also runs on all major versions of Windows, and can also be used on a variety of platforms.The GUI implementation of PyCmd, on the other hand, requires the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.Features:PyCmd's GUI version integrates seamlessly with the cmd.exe console.It works on any version of Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista. It also supports Windows 7 and Server 2008 operating systems.Since the program simulates the Linux bash terminal, it is able to use all commands available to the Linux command line.You can use PyCmd on its own with no other applications.PyCmd is designed to be a desktop application that can be launched from the Windows Start menu.The program comes with a Python-based interactive tutorial. The tutorial helps you understand how to use PyCmd, as well as shows you how to use commands and how to quickly edit existing files.The PyCmd utility offers a user-friendly, intuitive UI. The GUI is more useful for users with a prior command-line experience.The GUI uses a hierarchical list view to organize history entries based on their frequency of usage.Furthermore, the program features a searchable history, allowing you to narrow down your search quickly.The program can also generate command suggestions based on previously typed commands or projects.Additionally, the program allows you to navigate directly to recently visited directories in the history using the keyboard shortcut.In addition, you can preview a history of recently visited directories when you press the keyboard shortcut.The program also allows you to save commands that you typed in the history of sessions with the keyboard shortcut.The searchable history also makes it easier to find commands.All metadata for each of the command history entries is saved in a separate folder.Furthermore, you can select multiple files and save their metadata to the history.The software 08929e5ed8

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